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Brandy Close, an Occupational Therapist, and Jennifer Houk, a Speech-Language Pathologist are Co-Owners of The Kid SpOt Center, LLC. Their journey began when they worked together treating children in the school system.  They felt the need to do more for the kids and families that were crossing their paths.

After years of dreaming about opening a clinic for children with special needs, Brandy and Jennifer decided to make that dream a reality. In 2010 they opened their first clinic in Campbellsville, KY. This proved to be no easy task, but with the determination to never give up and faith that could move mountains, their dream came true. 


This dream is now known as The Kid SpOt Center. "SpOt" derived from "Speech and Occupational Therapy." Hence, all of the SpOts throughout our logo and branding.


The reality of this dream is that The Kid SpOt Center is growing daily and impacting the lives of children and their families in ways never dreamed possible. What seem like miracles continue to happen daily in the life of the children at the Kid SpOt Center. It is nothing short of a blessing to watch these children grow and learn each and every day. 


​Our Mission at the Kid SpOt Center is to provide supports to families of children with disabilities. We strive to help families live each day with the greatest ease possible. We strive to provide quality services to all children in hopes of increasing their ability to be an independent and functioning member of society. We want to provide community resources and other information to families of children with disabilities to help integrate services community wide. We feel that each child, and their family, is an important member of our community. We want to empower the families to make informed decisions about their child and the care they receive.

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"Brayden never opens up to anyone. His anxiety has prevented him from social groups. Brayden has never felt comfortable or able to open up to anyone beside his immediate family, until Brittany came along. She has helped him in so many ways and has had a huge, positive influence on him. If he has a bad day at school, she makes sure she gets to see him. That means a lot to us!"

-Felica Williamson






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