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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) can help children develop motor skills to allow them to reach their greatest functioning potential. A child's number one job is to play. Their ability to play with peers requires motor development, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. Pediatric physical therapy at The Kid Spot Center is designed specifically to meet children's unique needs. Our age-appropriate equipment and resources allow for the most effective therapy. 



Our goal is a child whose independence has been increased through physical therapy. 

  • Holding up the head

  • Rolling

  • Crawling

  • Sitting

  • Standing

  • Coordination

  • Walking

  • Jumping

  • Bouncing a ball

  • Riding a bike

  • Balance

  • Strength

Is your child meeting developmental milestones?

Infant Milestones 
0-12 Months

12-18 Months 

18-24 Months

24-30 Months

3-6 Years

  • Holds head in alignment

  • Tracks an object

  • Begins to belly crawl

  • Rolls back to belly

  • Holds and shakes a toy

  • Belly crawls 3 feet forward

  • Pivots in sitting

  • Standing for 5 seconds without support

  • Transitions to stand using hands and feet

  • Walks 8 feet with one hand held

  • Walks 5 steps independently

  • Creeps upstairs on hands and knees

  • Walks 10 feet with without falling (not walking on toes)

  • Walks Backward 5 steps

  • Walks downstairs with support of one finger, non-alternating

  • Stands heel to toe on a line for 2 seconds

  • Kicks ball 3 feet

  • Throws ball overhand 3 feet

  • Rides a push bike

  • Throws ball underhand 3 feet

  • Kicks ball 3 feet with direction

  • Climbs up jungle gym

  • Walks down 4 steps without rail

  • Walks backward for 10 feet

  • Presents arms and attempts to catch ball

  • Runs 30 feet in 6 seconds

  • Throws ball 7 feet underhand

  • Kicks ball 6 feet forward using opposing arm and leg movement

  • Walks downstairs without a rail using an alternating pattern

  • Hops 3-5 times on each foot

  • Runs around obstacles

  • Able to walk on a line

  • Able to hop on one foot

  • Skips forwards after demonstration

  • Hangs from a bar for at least 5 seconds

  • Able to skip using a skipping rope

  • Demonstrates mature throwing and catching patterns

  • Mature jumping

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