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Music therapy

Music therapy is an allied healthcare profession that uses
music interventions to address non-musical goals. This can
include (but is not limited to) singing, instrument play,
dancing, music and relaxation, songwriting, receptive
music listening, and music-based play.


Music therapy sessions can address:

  • Gross motor skills (whole body movement)

  • Fine motor skills (hand/finger movement)

  • Expressive skills (imitating, using speech/language)

  • Receptive skills (understanding speech/language)

  • Social skills

  • Emotion regulation/coping skills

  • Behavioral skills

  • Academic skills (school subjects)

  • Cognitive skills (attention, learning, thinking)

Cost of music therapy sessions

$50 evaluation

$25 individual 30-minute session

$40 individual 60-minute session

$15 group (2-3 patients) 60-minute session

$10 group (2-3 patients) 30-minute session

(Insurance currently does not cover the cost of music therapy) 

Professional Requirements for music therapist 

Complete a music therapy degree at an American Music Therapy Association approved program, at least 1,200 hours of clinical training, and a 6–12-month internship following coursework on campus. After that, candidates sit for the national board certification exam through the Certification Board for Music Therapist (CBMT). Upon passing the exam, therapist earn the credential of music therapist-board certified (MT-BC), which is required for professional practice.

Get connected

Bowling Green clinic is currently the only clinic that offers music therapy. Call us today to learn more about enrolling your child in services! (270) 495-1312

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