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Community Supports

Social Skills Group

Social Skills is an interactive group-based experience for children ages 8 to 18. Social skills uses a curriculum that focuses on interpersonal skills and self-awareness. Specifically, we address the following:

  • Make and maintain friendships

  • Problem resolution

  • Emotional regulation

  • Body language awareness

  • Teamwork

  • Conflict resolution

  • Self-regulation strategies


Our format is designed to include discussion, games, instruction and fun activities. We also have several field trips every year to practice our social skills in a community setting. Call our most convenient location listed below to join one of our social groups.

Community Living Supports

Community Living Support is offered through Michelle P. Waiver (MPW). This service focuses on moving clients to a state of being more functional and independent. CLS works on a variety of functional, social, academic and behavioral skills. CLS services are individualized and treatment goals are developed based on the needs of the child. We work with clients in a variety of community settings and provide the necessary supports to ensure success in their daily experiences inside and outside the clinical setting. This support also provides transportation to and from other therapy services.

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